The Project

So what is this Inside Pete thing?

It's a game. And a website. And the most badass thing you'll be enjoying soon.

Pete Concept

The story

Meet Pete. Pete is a confused, burnt-out, middle-aged man caught in a downward spiral beyond any medical, psychological or moral help. Do you know that moment when you have so much on your mind you just decide to take a nap? Well that’s Pete’s very existence. His general attitude in life: if it requires wearing pants, it’s not worth bothering. Even his (former) friends tend to avoid him, and he doesn't even blame them.

The Project

Inside Pete is a twofold digital entertainment project consisting of a mobile video game and a background story website.

Both parts are intrinsically different but take place in the same universe.

The mobile game

The video game is the centerpiece of the project. It will be published for iOS and Android devices, for both smartphones and tablets, and will be distributed through the Apple Store and Google Play store. We will sell the full version of the game for a fair price, and additionally distribute a 'light' version with limited gameplay for free. The game takes place inside of the body of the protagonist, named Pete.

The background story website

The website is a highly interactive work with game elements. It portrays the background story of Pete’s life. The site is free of charge. Technologic restrictions limit the interactive story part of the site to desktop browsers. But, hey, did I already say it's free? Because it is free. Check it out here.